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Commission website for youth

Council resolution of 27 November 2009 on a renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018)

- External evaluation of the EU Youth Strategy, ICF International: whole reportexecutive summary

EU Youth Report 2015

EU Youth Report 2012

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  1. Empowering young people to participate in society and express solidarity
    How can the EU Youth Strategy help boost engagement, volunteering and working for social cohesion and inclusion?

  2. Opening up the EU Youth Strategy's method of cooperation
    Reaching out to new actors working with young people to develop and implement the EU Youth Strategy

  3. Structured Dialogue or unstructuring dialogue?
    Capturing the merits of either broadening the structured dialogue or developing complementary tools to listen to all young people

  4. EU Youth Strategy: all you need is … funding
    Identifying actions and governance structures to build the link between the EU Youth Strategy and funding sources

  5. The voice of youth outside youth policy: raising the volume or switching channel?
    Looking for effective instruments to spread outcomes from youth policy and dialogue across other policies

  6. How to deliver the 'best ever' EU Youth Strategy?
    Identifying the key ingredients to deliver joint results through shared action and strong commitment