Registration deadline

Please note that only people who received an official invitation from the European Commission are allowed to register. Participants are kindly requested to complete their registration form online by 24th April 2017.

Sponsored participants

The European Commission will cover the travel costs and the accommodation for selected individual young participants or participants from NGOs for up to 3 nights, depending on their travel schedule.
Once registration is confirmed, our contractor, AMEX, will contact these participants to arrange travel, and our contractor, CECOFORMA, will arrange accommodation.

Non-Sponsored participants

For non-sponsored participants, hotel reservations can be done through the link provided in the practical information page point 7. The costs will be covered by the participants themselves.


I will take part in lunch on 3 May
I will take part in dinner on 3 May
I will take part in lunch on 4 May
CECOFORMA can arrange hotel reservations




Day 1

Choice 1

Choice 2

Day 2

Choice 1

Choice 2

Celebratory event

I agree to my name and function and/or to my image/voice being video/audio recorded and being used in European Commission publications, both off and on- line, in accordance with the applicable European data protection regulations.